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Soul Twins


Welcome You

Include You

Support You


We will:

Inspire You

Encourage You

Empower You

Rock You

We will:

Amplify all who get on board with true, deep level change

“In how big of an “US” do you want to be a part?”

“In how big of a “SOULUTION” do you want to be contributing?”

The Soul Twins are here to inspire YOU to participate in BIG change. If you are one of those who feels that something needs to change fundamentally in the world, you have found some new friends. Our mission is to help usher in a new age for our human family driven by values we all want like clean air, water, and food; harmony among individuals and cultures; reverence and care for our precious planet; and effective leadership that serves our collective values.

Soul Twin Messiah began as the rock band associated with our S.O.U.L. Documentary team. We composed and performed the soundtracks and scores to many of our videos and documentaries, and have now recorded over 30 of the over 80 songs we’ve written, as well as composed a story for a rock musical featuring 33 of our songs. Our music is highly thematic, and intended to awaken and inspire people through the universally emotional power of music, and the inspirational LOVE messaging.

The concept for the band’s name was introduced by our friend and author Dr. Jamie Turndorf (“Ask Dr. Love” radio show), who declared Oshalla and The Blue Rocker “Soul Twins” while speaking together over the phone for the first time and feeling the almost identical vibration in the voices.

With STM, these Soul Twins took that concept and raised it to Infinity! We believe that in truth we all share an even more intimate and innate connection than that of twins; we are truly one. “Messiah” was added almost as a joke at first, until we realized how profound the idea of Soul Twin Messiah actually was. Not only does it represent the aforementioned universal connection shared by all, but also our mission of promoting the practice of conscious evolution, as it sets us on the path to becoming our own gurus, sages, saviors; messiahs if you will…

Soul Twin Messiah made our world debut at the Peace in the Park festival in the Music Concourse Bandshell of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on September 23, 2017 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incredibly eponymous Summer of Love that happened in that very place in 1967. Enjoy the video below from that first gig!


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