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Evan/The Blue Rocker

Activist, change maker, philanthropist, and Soul Twin Evan Hirsch knows his purpose for being is to apply his time, energy, creativity, and resources toward helping manifest a world for our human family that is more aligned with our fundamental purpose to survive, in which we support one another toward comfort, harmony, and success. S.O.U.L. is the culmination of all he has experienced and learned along the way, and the vehicle he co-created to curate the best, world changing solutions to inspire and educate others to create the change we want to see in our world.

Evan was born at the very beginning of 1971 (The Year that Music Changed Everything) in Mt. View California (home of Google), the third of three boys. Evan was conceived as a last ditch effort to save a marriage, and was therefore literally born with the purpose of bringing a family together. The ultimate manifestation of that, and the most natural act he could be doing later in life, is to apply this sense of purpose toward uniting our entire human family.

Some fascinating events occurred the year he was born, further confirming the scope of what he was put on Earth to discover and tie together. 1971 was the year the microprocessor was invented, and the first email was sent, ultimately giving us a means to communicate with everyone in our human family through what would eventually become the “world wide web”. And we proved that we had the capacity to bring together groups many thought impossible to unite when the United Nations admitted China. Plus tolerance was on full display at the first Pride march in Canada that year. The birth of Greenpeace in 1971 revealed a will of people to take responsibility for the impact we have on our precious planet and rectify damage done while holding responsible those who have the greatest impact. Taking the Forum with Werner Erhard in 1989 was one of the most transformational things Evan ever did, and the EST Seminar that became The Forum was first held in, you guessed it, 1971. Evan always had a keen interest in food and cooking, in fact learning to use the electric stove at age three! More recent quests to find healthier living through food led him to seek ingredients closer to their source, including growing his own. It all made sense when he learned that Alice Waters started the slow food movement in 1971 by opening her eponymous restaurant Chez Panisse, sourcing produce from its own farm and local like minded growers. Evan has long believed that psychedelic substances, both natural and lab produced, carry the power to evolve our minds from the societally programmed fear and panic mode back to their natural state of harmony, unity, and creative collaboration. In 1971, the story of psychedelics took a sharp turn when then president Nixon declared the “war on drugs” and psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD were scheduled as illegal using the Controlled Substances Act. Furthermore, he called the immensely influential Harvard professor Timothy Leary “the most dangerous man in America”. How far we’ve come now that psychedelics are recognized as incredibly powerful tools for among other useful things: treating depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and helping people accept their mortality and assuage their fear of death. Strongly attracted to punk music at age 14, Evan has always associated with the self expression, passion, and purpose of the punk movement in its quest for awakening, change, and a more just world for us all. Little wonder the term punk rock was coined in 1971. And in lock step, the supreme court declared the word “fuck” protected speech that year, giving punks the right to true freedom of expression.

If those weren’t enough examples to convince Evan that he was born in transformation times, there is a very often asked question that was solved in 1971, although we may not have fully realized it then. How often is “Who is going to pay for this,” the question that holds back progress where we need it most? In 1971, The U.S. government terminated the convertibility of the US dollar to gold. What this effectively meant was that we didn’t need gold to back our dollar, and we could literally print unlimited amounts of money (fiat currency), as we have continually proven since. Evan asks why, if we printed literally trillions and trillions during the pandemic, we don’t just print hundreds of trillions and solve all the problems on Earth. What is actually stopping us? Evan believes that to be a simple matter of story, something we could easily fix through communication, culture, collaboration, and a little inspiration. And that inspiration is clearly what Evan is here on Earth at this particular moment in time to provide.

Through his writings in the Secret Powers of LOVE book series, his talk series on YouTube, A World Worth Imagining documentary film, social media short videos, An Invitation to Action short film, S.O.U.L. on Air radio show, six web series, Field Guide to a New Species audiobook narration, and his music, both with Soul Twin Messiah and solo work, Evan is providing support for all to come together, be inspired, feel validated and supported, and do the work of bringing about a new age for our human family.

Visit Evan’s website here:

“My personal journey of conscious evolution was propelled into a new dimension upon reading about the four stages of human evolution described in Frederick Timm’s groundbreaking book Field Guide to a New Species; A New, Sustainable Way to Be Human. I was so moved, that I collaborated with the author and narrated an audiobook version.”

Listen to samples and purchase Evan’s audiobook narration or the book in other formats.


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