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Soul Twins Oshalla and The Blue Rocker were sent to you from Heaven above to rock your world with LOVE. They bring a message of peace and unity, so we can all set ourselves free from ways that don’t align with our ultrasocial nature and our need to survive. Our enormous human family has an incredible opportunity to alter course and write the next chapter of our story to look very different from the current set of circumstances. The Soul Twins are the cheerleaders, coaches, and guides for a new way of living, and bring you their rock ‘n’ roll anthems for inspiration, and their LOVE Paradigm Manifesto as the new guidebook. Be a Soul Twin and join the Soul Tribe for support on your journey to be the change you want to help bring about in our world…
“Let’s write a Mad LOVE Story, one that is ours not mine. Let’s write a Mad LOVE Story, since we’ve lost our minds..”  ~Mad LOVE Story


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STM Debut Self-titled Album Coming in 2024

Debut single Comfort You Releases 9/11/23!

Second single Shut Up and Listen to Me coming later this fall




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The powerful new classic rock duo Soul Twin Messiah is on a mission to inspire change by literally and figuratively rocking your world. As their song says, “Everyone knows that something needs to change,” and we are clearly facing some monumental challenges in our world today. At the heart of this project is the wildly creative and prolific songwriting team of Evan Hirsch (The Blue Rocker) and Kip Baldwin (Oshallah), the Soul Twins behind the name. STM’s music is classic rock in its purest sense, and follows in the footsteps of rock pioneers such as Led Zeppelin and Queen, who pulled from almost every popular style of the music of their day to create their own distinctive but familiar sound. STM songs have many catchy hooks to groove their way into your head, where they will deliver messages intended to awaken the masses with the raw emotionality of rock n roll and a clear and unwavering message of LOVE (the all caps kind).

The Soul Twins were clear they wanted to make very high quality recordings, and that these truly profound songs deserved no less. Their search for an A-list producer led them to Joel Jaffe (Ringo Star, Santana), founder of the legendary Studio D (an offshoot of Sausalito’s historic Record Plant). Having been closed for seven months due to social distancing, STM at last gave the studio an opportunity to reopen, since they are a duo and were only bringing in session musicians one at a time (often in masks). Throughout the pandemic, and since, STM has been hard at work. Through Joel’s vast network of seasoned professional musicians, they engaged some of the industry’s most talented and versatile artists such as: Dave Margen, Prairie Prince, John Mader, Hardy Hemphill, Jeannie Tracy, and Larry Batiste, who have recorded with such renown performers as: Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, The Tubes, Sting, Hamilton the Musical, Shania Twain, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, and Stevie Wonder.
Through Joel’s expert engineering, mixing, and guidance, over 30 original songs composed by Oshalla and The Blue Rocker have now been recorded and mixed, most of them destined for their original theatrical piece Greta, the Rock Musical, coming to stage and screen soon. Soul Twin Messiah is gearing up to begin releasing songs that are sure to be hits from the forthcoming self-titled debut album. Their first single, Comfort You, is a power ballad in the vein of Foreigner’s I Want to Know What LOVE Is. The song, and its behind-the-scenes video featuring recording studio footage and lots of warm hugs, is meant to do exactly what the title says: offer comfort, support and LOVE to one and all. STM’s second single to be released, Shut Up and Listen to Me, is a groovy hard rocker with a punk edge imploring us to shut our mouths for a minute so we can hear the words of kindness, compassion, and LOVE being whispered beneath the cacophony of society. And that is certainly the most important message from “The Soul Twins”. 


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“We can write the story, our quills dipped in LOVE’s ink. Undo our self damage; reimagine the way we feel and think.”  ~We Are Messiahs (STM anthem)


Oshalla and The Blue Rocker zoom out to see the bigger picture of the world and humanity, and seek out far reaching “SOULUTIONS” that encompass the maximum possible reach, inclusion, and impact. Through their philanthropy, participation, and endorsement, they lead by example supporting and advocating for causes that feel like they address deeper issues than just the mere symptoms on which people most often seem to focus. Visit the SOULUTIONS page to learn more and discover ways to participate in creating the world that you feel we, and the rest of the planet deserve. 

“We don’t have to hit rock bottom, we don’t have to crash and burn. We can turn this sinking ship of fools around.”   ~Rock Bottom

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