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“Everyone knows that something needs to change!“   ~STM



Calm the emotional reaction system
Be smart
Acknowledge some realities
Find better ways
Commit to change
Learn and adapt to new ways of being
Continually pursue unity, harmony, and thriving
Evolve our culture to support our intentional way of being

The Soul Twins call out the best in humanity. Do you want to see change on a vast enough level that it advances our entire human family forward to a more comfortable, more livable, more sustainable existence on our beautiful blue planet? So do we! Have you felt a calling to “be the change you want to see in the world”, but don’t know what that should look like or who would support you in truly doing so? Let’s be among those who support one another to brainstorm and help craft what a harmonious future will look like for us all. We are committed to helping our human family unite, heal, and reprogram ourselves to thrive. We want to make the world a better place for everyone; as in all inclusive.

Human beings are the most adaptable creatures on Earth. But we have become adapted to many things that are not serving our physical and emotional well being, nor those of our planet. Value systems that do not align with healthy practices nor highest good have been programmed into us by societies who control us, causing incalculable damage, often even at our own hands. We are walking around embodying identities that we did not choose nor design. We did what we needed to do based on what our emotions called for in each moment of our lives. Now we are left with an amalgamation of all our past responses to what happened to us.

Since 2016, we have been producing thought-provoking content to touch hearts, open minds, expand perspectives, and incite action to evolve culture and our human story. We believe that once awakened and equipped with new understandings, we - as “uniquals” - can collectively participate in creating a story, and therefore world, that supports our collective endeavor to survive. Once we align with this common purpose, we can manifest a way of living that is mutually supportive, harmonious, and thriving; something we refer to as The LOVE Paradigm. In order to achieve a world like that, we are here to inspire, educate, and guide our collective conscious evolution forward.

Some of our favorite concepts:  


The LOVE Paradigm

Soul Twin Messiah is here to help create and embody The LOVE Paradigm for all who awaken to the validity and value of its pursuit. The LOVE Paradigm is a state of mind, and the state of affairs into which we’d love to see and help our human family evolve. But what exactly is The LOVE Paradigm anyway? And is it even possible? What shift in thinking would it require? We have a whole page on the subject, including our original LOVE Paradigm Manifesto! Come take a deep dive with us…

Twins Evo Chart.jpg

Conscious Evolution

At S.O.U.L., we promote employing conscious evolution in both a personal and collective context. But what exactly is conscious evolution anyway? And why would we need it? What problems is it intended to fix, and will it work? We have a whole page on this one as well if you are ready for a deep dive.

“If you think we can’t change the world, It just means you're not one of those who will.” - Jacque Fresco

Here are a few organizations we fully support. We recommend you research them and consider the value of how they are offering support to our human family:

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